Tuesday, March 14, 2017

China: MOA Reports H5N6 Outbreak In Hubei Province


Although China does file occasional reports with the OIE -  given the enormity of their poultry industry, and the apparent endemicity of multiple LPAI and HPAI strains of H5 and H7 viruses - surprisingly few poultry outbreaks are reported each year, and we only seem to hear about very large die offs in wild birds.

Since H5N6 emerged in Sichuan Province during  the spring of 2014 - through January of this year -  China had reported only 39 outbreaks in poultry (plus 16 human infections).  

Credit OIE Follow up Report #18

A remarkably low number considering South Korea has recorded well over 300 farms infected with H5N6 since November of last year.  Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have - combined - reported another 300 or so detections in wild birds (or environmental samples).

According to the OIE website, as of today China has only notified them of 3 outbreaks (1 HPAI H7N9, 1 H5N8, and 1 H5N6) since the first of the year.

So exactly how representative these occasional reports are of the true incidence of avian flu  across the width and breadth of China, is subject to considerable debate. 

Today China's MOA is reporting on a recent outbreak of H5N6 in Hubei Province. You may recall that in January,  we saw another report from China MOA/FAO: 99 Black Swans Killed By H5N8 In Hubei Province.

Huangshi City in Hubei Daye occurred in poultry H5N6 subtype highly pathogenic bird flu

Issued by: Ministry of Agriculture Information Office Date: 2017-03-14 14:06 Key words: epidemic; HPAI; Hubei

  Ministry of Agriculture press office released March 14, Huangshi City in Hubei Daye occurred in poultry H5N6 subtype highly pathogenic bird flu.

  March 3, Huangshi City, Hubei Daye City veterinary authorities found a farmers feeding ducks suspected symptoms of avian influenza occurred in the monitoring, the incidence of 134, 86 died. March 6, Hubei Animal Disease Control Center diagnosed as suspected bird flu. March 14, by the National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory confirmed the outbreaks of H5N6 subtype highly pathogenic bird flu.

  After the outbreak, according to the relevant local plan and control technical specifications, adhere to the prevention and control law, scientific prevention and control, really good job epidemic disposal, have been culling and safe disposal of 681 birds. Currently, the outbreaks has been effectively controlled.

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