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China: Inner Mongolia Now Reporting An H7N9 Case

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Earlier today, we saw a report from Shaanxi Province: Yulin City Reports Imported H7N9 Case ex Inner Mongolia of what appeared to be Inner Mongolia's first H7N9 case - a female farmer from Ordos, Inner Mongolia, about 90 miles north of Yulin.
Now, thanks to a tip from a reader, I've run down what appears to be a second case, currently hospitalized in Beijing.
The following, somewhat cryptic translated report comes from the  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Health and Family Planning Commission website, and appears to describe a case from Bayan Nur City, Wuyuan County - which lies about 100 miles north of  today's other case - and involves a male patient.

The first case of H7N9 in Inner Mongolia was confirmed

Published: 2017-05-31 Editor: Wang Ruifang Font Size:

At 17:30 on May 30, the autonomous region Health and Social Health Commission received a report, Bayannaoer City Wuyuan County, a male patient by the Beijing CDC review results for human infection H7N9 avian influenza virus nucleic acid positive. According to the clinical manifestations of patients, epidemiological history and laboratory test results, determined the first case of human infection H7N9 avian influenza cases. According to the patient's epidemiological history, it is inferred that the source of the infection may be poultry. At present, patients in Beijing Ditan Hospital isolation treatment, vital signs stable, no life-threatening.

The main leaders of the autonomous region and the leaders in charge of the autonomous region to make important instructions on the matter, requiring the autonomous region Health and Health Committee on the next step prevention and control work to make a clear deployment. Autonomous Region Health Health Committee attaches great importance to coordinate the relevant departments to carry out prevention and control work, the disease control departments flow, close contact with no fever and other symptoms, is closely medical observation, the local animal husbandry department of the village where the patient poured Kill and harmless treatment, temporarily closed the live poultry market. May 31, the autonomous region prevention and treatment of major diseases, the Office of the Office of the Office of the meeting (autonomous regions Health and Health Commission) has formed a joint steering group to carry out supervision and guidance work.

Autonomous community disease prevention and control experts to remind the general public: people infected H7N9 can prevent, control, can rule, the public do not panic. In daily life, to develop healthy eating habits and lifestyles, do not buy live poultry consumption or feeding, to avoid contact with dead birds, fever and respiratory symptoms in a timely manner to the regular medical and health institutions. (Propaganda Department of Health, Health and Welfare)null
Inner Mongolia only recently reported their first outbreaks in poultry, and until today had never reported a human H7N9 infection.

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