Friday, May 12, 2017

NHFPC Announces 81 H7N9 Cases (24 Deaths) For Month Of April


Once a month, usually between the 10th and the 15th, China's  NHFPC (National Health & Family Planning Commission) releases a bare-bones listing of the previous month's reportable infectious diseases across Mainland China.

These summaries are very short - with an attached list of over 3 dozen infectious diseases - providing only country totals, and number of deaths recorded.
With their 5th H7N9  flu season beginning in October, today's is the 7th report of this winter season, which are summarized below. 
October          2 H7N9 cases,    1 death

November:       6 H7N9 cases,    0 deaths

December:   106 H7N9 cases,  20 deaths
January:       192 H7N9 cases,  79 deaths

February      160 H7N9 cases,   61 deaths

March            96 H7N9 cases,    47 deaths
                  April              81 H7N9 cases ,   24 deaths
5th Wave     643 H7N9 cases,   232 deaths

As a cut off date for this report isn't stated, and case reports from April may still be coming in (see my last blog), these numbers should be viewed as approximate, and subject to revision.  
For the 5th month in a row, China reports no other (H5) human infections.

The (translated) text and a modified chart (highlight mine) from today's NHFPC report follows:

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