Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Russia: More Bird Flu Reports


Russia's bird flu saga continues with dozens of media reports in the past few hours of suspected (possibly confirmed) HPAI H5 at a large Tartarstan poultry facility, and fears that contaminated poultry products may have entered the local food supply. 
Three weeks ago (see Russia: Rosselkhoznadzor Reports Bird Flu Outbreak In Rostov Region), we learned of a large avian flu outbreak at the nation's largest turkey producer.   
This was followed last week with reports (see Krasnodar: Searching For Avian Flu Contaminated Products In Food Chain) that infected poultry products had been exported from Rostov to neighboring Krasnodar, and had entered the food chain. 
Since then, Russia's Rosselhoznador (Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance) website has gone silent on avian flu reports. Russian media, however, has been anything but silent, with almost daily reports of suspected outbreaks and concerns over the food supply. 
Overnight a deluge of media reports tag Tartarstan as a new avian flu hotspot, with several citing imported poultry products from Rostov as the source of the virus. 
Some reports suggest contaminated locally produced eggs, or other imported poultry products, may have entered the retail food chain. 

With the duel caveats that I haven't found an official statement and that Russian media has a tendency towards hyperbole - a few (translated) headlines include:

In Tatarstan, at the poultry farm avian influenza detected

at 08:34
Restrict the sale of live poultry and poultry products of "poultry complex" Laishevsky "in Tatarstan today recommended the most important veterinary RT Cabinet Office. According to the "Evening Kazan", on the Poultry Complex identified the gene of influenza A virus (bird flu).

The diagnosis of pre-installed in the Tatar Interregional Veterinary Laboratory and is waiting for confirmation of experts, Federal Center for Animal Health.

The heads of districts and heads of Tatarstan vetobedineny ordered to take measures to prevent the spread of infection.    
In Tatarstan, found the bird flu
Today at 13:47, views: 264
Genome of influenza virus A bird finds in the territory of poultry complex "Laishevsky". According to the General Directorate of Veterinary RT Cabinet, dangerous virus has been identified by employees Tatar veterinary laboratory.

On this fact the heads of regions of the republic and regional veterinary associations were sent a special order of the Main Directorate of veterinary RT Cabinet, which said about the need to ensure that all measures to prevent the further spread of infection. It is also recommended to limit the implementation of the birds and products thereof in the company 'Laishevsky poultry complex ".

In Tatarstan suffocate or poison gas chambers 450,000 patients chickens - ‎1 hour ago

‎450 000 heads of chickens are expected to be destroyed in Tatarstan due to the spread of influenza virus among the birds. This was announced at today's briefing by representatives of the Veterinary Administration under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan.

This includes, in particular, the part of the poultry that entered the republic from the Rostov region. Her diagnosis of "bird flu" was confirmed. Now all the movements of live bird parts are suspended, and this is followed at the stationary veterinary posts with the participation of policemen. Then for another three months in Tajikistan, there will be a restriction on the sale of live birds.null

In Kazan stores are looking for turkey, supposedly infected with avian influenza
10.05.17 13:24

The genome of the influenza A virus was found in turkey meat, which in May was brought to Tatarstan from the Rostov region by the Chelny enterprise KAMREGIONPRODUKT.

As reported to journalists today at a briefing held in connection with the outbreak of avian influenza in the poultry complex Laishevsky, only 326 tons of turkey meat were imported for our country. Of these, 22 on-site tests showed that 22 tons were infected with a strain of the avian influenza virus.

It is known that 7 tons of meat from the Rostov region entered the retail outlets of Kazan. Now, veterinary inspectors are tasked to find a turkey and conduct its examination.null

Hopefully we'll get something official in the next day or so.

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