Monday, May 08, 2017

Taiwan: Taipei Poultry Market Reports HPAI H5


The furor over the arrival of H5N6 to Taiwan has died down, with no new outbreaks reported since February, but two other HPAI H5 viruses - H5N8 and H5N2 - continue to circulate among the island's poultry industry. 
Since January, Taiwan has reported 11 outbreaks of H5N8, and more than 90 outbreaks of H5N2.  Outbreaks have been generally on the decline the past month or so.
Today, however, we've a report from the Taipei City Animal Protection Office that 5 batches of chickens at a local wholesale poultry market have tested positive for HPAI H5. The market was shut down for disinfection, and culling.  

The infected poultry came from farms located in the Kaohsiung metropolitan area and Miaoli, Pingtung and Yunlin counties. Their governments have been alerted to test local farms for the virus.

Press Release
Poultry Market Avian Influenza Suspected Epidemic Case Reproduction Central Place Immediate Response Epidemic drip leaks

Author: Anti - epidemic test group

Issue date: May 7, 106

Contact: Hu Jinhao leader

Contact Tel: 0978305805

(106) May 6th and 7th morning Taipei City Animal Protection Office received the Taipei City poultry wholesale market Tuwei veterinary surgeon informed suspected cases, then in accordance with the avian influenza epidemic prevention SOP regulations layer transfer to the Executive Yuan animal and plant epidemic prevention and quarantine Bureau and immediately for inspection, frozen, slaughter line to stop slaughter for 24 hours, and complete the field to expand the disinfection work.

6 days at night and 7 am, Taipei City poultry wholesale market reported a total of five batches of poultry slaughtering abnormal cases, respectively, from the Kaohsiung City, Miao District, Miaoli County Tong Xiao Town, Pingtung County Zhutian Township and Yunlin County Yuanxiang Township red feathers Chicken found in the slaughter of red feathers around the eyes of swollen eyes, abdomen, feet foot tibia, wings at the end of the skin flushing, and visceral bleeding, white erosion and necrotic areas and other suspected avian flu symptoms. Tuwei veterinary division after the inspection found in Tu, immediately informed the Bureau of Keelung Branch of the Bureau of Defense and Taipei City, the Department of Health by the Department of Health and the epidemic prevention personnel sampling inspection.
At the same time on-site detention of 304 chickens slaughter and cry, to inform the county and county animal epidemic prevention units back to the source site for follow-up investigation, and to strengthen the North City poultry wholesale market clean disinfection and rest after the audience to stop slaughter 24 hours and other biological safety measures. And will be released in the test results after the release of news with the central.
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