Thursday, June 22, 2017

Finland Detects HPAI H5 In Dying Whooper Swan



Finland, which was only lightly affected by last winter's HPAI H5 epizootic - primarily impacting wild birds in the Alant Islands region - today is reporting  the discovery of a dying Whooper Swan in Sastamala, which was recovered late last month.

This (translated) statement from Finland's Food Protection Ministry.
Laulujoutsenella bird flu in Sastamalassa


From Sastamalas, the songworm found in Pirkanmaa has been identified as a high pathogenic H5 type avian influenza causing high mortality for wild birds and poultry. To combat this disease, the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira urges that the disease be protected from poultry and to report suspicious symptoms to the local veterinarian.

Inadequate songwriting was found in Sastamala in the agglomeration at the end of May. The bird had to be stopped and sent to Evira for examination.

It is 17. The case of avian influenza in Finland confirmed. For the time being, poultry infections have been successfully avoided in Finland and the disease has so far been found only in wild birds and in the bird garden in Mariehamn.

The prohibition on extinction of poultry ended at the end of May but Evira recommends that poultry be kept inside or otherwise preventing direct and indirect contact with wild birds.

When walking or leaving the animal, the shoes and clothing must be replaced and the hands washed thoroughly as the birds spread the disease in their secretions. Suspicion of avian influenza should be reported to the local veterinarian without delay.

Finland joins Belgium, Luxembourg, and the UK in reporting HPAI H5 during the month of June, a reminder that while greatly reduced, the avian fllu threat in Europe has not gone completely away for the summer.

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