Wednesday, June 07, 2017

MAFRA: More than A Dozen Korean Farms Test Positive For H5N8


South Korea's bird flu resurgence - which was first reported 4 days ago (see South Korea Raises Alert Over New Detection Of Avian H5) in a small flock on Jeju Island - has quickly mushroomed into a national crisis, with at least 12 farms now testing positive for H5N8 across the country.
Korea's bird flu alert status was raised on Sunday to the 2nd highest level, only to be raised again on Monday to the highest level. A full stop on poultry movement was ordered on Wednesday, in an attempt to prevent further spread of the virus.
With dozens of farms being tested, the numbers continue to change, but MAFRA reported 12 farms tested positive overnight. More recent media reports put that number higher (see below).

The following syntax challenged (machine translated) statement  comes from the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture website.
AI occurs. Report suspicious cases and test results   

2017-06-07 08:14:00

AI Report suspicious agri-food section to the current 6.2 days after the said two cases, including one island farmers and Iksan one farmer. Jeju farmers to report suspected was confirmed as highly pathogenic type H5N8, Iksan report suspected farms were confirmed to the H5 type. 

After a check of the mechanical farm associated with the AI ​​Report alleged, 12 farms were confirmed as positive (H5 / H5N8 type) check or highly pathogenic.

(Island) 1 farmhouse highly pathogenic H5N8 type diagnosis, one farm H5N8 type check, three farms H5 type check (JEONBUK Gunsan) 1 farm (silkie breeding) highly pathogenic H5N8 type diagnosis (game Paju) 1 farmhouse highly pathogenic H5N8 type diagnosis (Busan length) 1 farmhouse highly pathogenic H5N8 type diagnosis (Gyeongsangnam mass) 1 farm H5N8 type check (Ulsan) 3 farms H5N8 type check other JEONBUK Gunsan (1 farms), pole (1 farms), Chungcheongnam Seocheon (2 farms), Kyungnam pearls (1 farmers ), JEONBUK Jeongeup (1 farms), Kyungnam mass (5 farms), Ulsan (2 farms) was confirmed by test results speech to date include additional probe for the farmer in progress.

A more recent media report from KBS World Radio News (Suspected AI Case Reported at Duck Farm) states:
As of Wednesday, the AI virus was detected at 18 poultry farms in six cities and provinces, with five of the farms in Jeju, Gunsan, Paju and Gijang testing positive for the highly pathogenic H5N8 strain.
Meanwhile South Korea's CDC  announced they are mobilizing their forces to assist the MOA in safely dealing with this outbreak, and will be monitoring of all those potentially exposed during the culling/disinfection process.
While HPAI H5N8 has never been associated with human infection, it is closely related to several strains (H5N1, H5N6) that have.
Additionally, lab studies (see Sci Rpts: H5N8 - Rapid Acquisition of Virulence Markers After Serial Passage In Mice), and the discovery of Korean dogs infected with the virus, suggest that H5N8 could someday evolve into a human threat. 
For those reasons, personal protection equipment (masks, gowns, gloves), antivirals, and post exposure monitoring are recommended for those who come in close contact with infected birds.  
This from the South Korean CDC. 

Centers for Disease Control, upgraded AI crisis phase (boundary → seriously) strengthening human infection in accordance with the corresponding
Date : 2017-06-07 
Center for Disease Control (Head jeonggiseok) today announced that, working closely with the livestock quarantine authorities and local governments to strengthen AI human infection prevention response, as the for Food Agriculture, forestry and livestock raised related crisis stage AI (avian influenza) to "severe".

○ H5N8 recently occurred, etc. Jeju and Gunsan type AI has not yet been a by a human infection case reports public deulkkeseo need not be overly anxious, farm workers, live disposal operations participants, including around high-risk AI human infection prevention measures and the said force.

○ Centers for Disease Control in November 2016 after the highly pathogenic AI occurred and continues to operate as a "central AI human infection Task Force", AI programming greatly expanded the central dynamics Questioned * to strengthen the 24-hour response system to expand the emergency control room response force and, in case of suspected infection and prepare country-specific negative pressure isolation wards operation.
* (Current) Mechanics investigator 16 people emergency centers → Center for Disease Control total 49 people

○ Each municipality has carried out a thorough human infection prevention and post-monitoring antiviral medications, personal protective equipment worn educated about the risk, such as live disposal participants .

○ Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and municipalities are generated AI this year April 11 November last year, farmers workers, live disposal operations participants, including classified a total of 26,876 people in high-risk antiviral prophylactic medication, during the incubation period after exposure (10 days ) 5, were monitored over a 10 day active monitoring of symptoms, such as fever, all of which investigated those 76 simple symptoms AI test results are confirmed by voice bar.

□ Center for Disease Control was advised that line, observe the following precautions in order to prevent human infection AI, Centers for Disease Control and municipalities said they would do their best to AI human infection prevention.

○ (AI occurs farm workers, live disposal operations participants, including high-risk)
- personal protective equipment worn and hand washing and personal hygiene compliance,
- and thoroughly antiviral doses,
- Respiratory symptoms such as cough accompanied by within 10 days of fever after the operation involved two If you experience immediate health department or the 1339 Report to the (24 Centers for disease Control and Call Center)
○ (public)
- live poultry contact or poultry refrain from farm visits,
- a thorough personal hygiene such as handwashing more than 30 seconds, and
the AI occurs farmhouse - When you visit, respiratory symptoms, such as contact with poultry or wild birds cough accompanied by fever within 10 days after contact with the body generate reports to the competent local health department or the Centers for disease Control and Call Center (1339) 

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