Monday, June 19, 2017

Saudi MOH: 4 MERS Cases Over Weekend, 2 Cluster Related


Over the Friday-Saturday-Sunday reporting period the Saudi MOH has announced just 4 MERS cases, a considerable reduction over the past couple of weeks, and of those, only 2 belong to the Riyadh cluster.

On Friday the MOH reported 1 cluster related case, the death of a secondary acquired patient.

Followed on Saturday by the announcement of another asymptomatic HCW in Riyadh's cluster, which now exceeds 50 cases.

Sunday's report did not include any new cases from the Riyadh cluster, but instead cited two primary (community acquired) cases without a known exposure risk; one from Riyadh and the Hafuf.

We'll have to wait to see if this slowdown in nosocomial cases is a temporary blip, or is a sign that those hospital outbreaks are finally coming under control.  We should get our next report later today.

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