Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Turkish Media Reporting large Die Offs Of Poultry - Facilities Quarantined


With the dual caveats that a decade ago Turkey had quite a bad time with hundreds of outbreaks of H5N1 (including a dozen human infections and four deaths) - and that their press can be a bit hyperbolic on the subject of bird flu (Kuş Gribi) - overnight numerous Turkish media outlets are reporting on large poultry die offs in the eastern part of the country.

A few (translated) headlines include:
Bird Flu Panic in Kars! Kaz hundreds darkly dying 

Avian flu is going back to the nightmare?  

Bird flu suspected in Kars: Quarantine decision was taken    

It should be noted that the quarantining towns and poultry facilities has long been a part of Turkey's bird flu control playbook (see 2007 Turkey: Three Villages Quarantined? & Turkey : 4 More Villages Quarantined, & 2008 Turkey Quarantines Three Villages). 
A pattern which should make today’s headlines and story slightly less urgent sounding that it might at first appear.  At this point, bird flu (subtype not provided) is only suspected.  
The following syntax-challenged media report (cobbled together using 2 different translators) indicates that the poultry deaths began in Kars 10 days ago, and that the town of Ardahan - 60 km further north - is also reporting poultry deaths.

Both towns are located within about 30 km of the Georgian and Armenian borders.  

Kars and Ardahan in bird flu alert: Facility were quarantined

Internal News Service -
July 25, 2017

In the last 10 days in Kars headquarters and villages, the goose and poultry deaths took place in succession, and many facilities were quarantined. A large number of poultry were killed in Ardahan, no doubt bird flu.

The deaths of poultry living in Kars in 10 days, the authorities took action. Bird-blowing is, of course, putting a large number of poultry into living birds.

According to the EHA; In the last 10 days in Kars headquarters and the villagers, the deaths of goose and poultry were followed by the authorities. The teams affiliated to the Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock put the geese in vigorous state by quarantining their districts in the Mezra village of the center. It was learned that the samples taken from the animals were sent with a lot of people, especially Erzurum to be examined.

On the other hand, the citizens who claimed that the poultry had died, claimed that their animals were killed by bird flu.

The alarm in Ardahan

In Ardahan, a large number of poultry were slaughtered by birds in the branches of the Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and the Directorate of Animal Health Branch.

Suspected Bird flu in poultry in the city, officials are alarmed. Directorate for food, agriculture and livestock and animal health branch teams, wearing special clothing, some businesses in the neighborhood suspected Central Ardahan Habeeb seen goose, chicken, duck and Turkey has culled poultry as animals.

The markets ' bird flu ', the outdoor areas in neighboring provinces of unsupervised brought sold poultry caused by citizens who claim "brought from the outside, ducks and poultry are sold. That the authorities do not intervene. But without test chickens in the village, collecting without the vaccine without analysis. We also we sin, i.e. the citizen is cut off, "he said.

Sales of poultry in public areas on the Peddler who citizens protests started to escape by leaving the area where they are located.

We'll have to await official word from the FAO or OIE to know if HPAI is the true cause of these bird deaths.

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