Thursday, August 03, 2017

South Africa Notified OIE Of Their 11th Outbreak Of HPAI H5N8


Just two days after South Africa Notified The OIE Of Two More H5N8 Poultry Outbreaks, the OIE has published details on South Africa's 11th outbreak, again affecting a large commercial poultry operation in Mpumalanga.
Of the 11 outbreaks reported since June 22nd, 7 have been in poultry and 4 in wild birds.
While HPAI H5N8 has been a problem for poultry producers in the Northern Hemisphere since it sparked its first major outbreak in South Korea in January of 2014 - which then led to major epizootics in North America and Europe -  this summer is the first time we've seen it in the Southern Hemisphere.

To address this growing crisis, the FAO along with the SADC (Southern Africa Development Council), local governments, and stakeholders are holding a 3-day emergency meeting this week in South Africa to `assess the preparedness, response capacities and actions of member states to the recent outbreaks of HPAI in the sub region.'

This notification was published today.

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