Thursday, October 12, 2017

Seychelles MOH: Testing 2 Additional `Possible' Plague Cases


The Seychelles Ministry of Health continues to issue multiple updates each day on the the isolation, testing, and treatment of suspected plague cases, along with that nation's strategy to prevent its spread. 
A few minutes ago the following update appeared on the MOH Facebook page, which provides details on 2 additional suspected cases, and the contact tracing and prophylaxis of an unknown number children who may have been exposed to a case at school last week.
As of now, only once case is considered `probable', although 12 people have been placed into isolation. It is pretty obvious that - out of an abundance of caution - the MOH is being very proactive dealing with any possible case or exposure.

Ministry of Health Seychelles

Press Release: The plague epidemic in Madagascar persists and is not showing any signs of abating yet.

- One passenger who came to Seychelles on the Air Seychelles flight on Friday 6th October became unwell on Monday 9th October. He remains admitted in hospital since then for isolation, testing and treatment. Today is day 3 post admission and he is stable. Given that his rapid test was weakly positive he is being treated as a probable case. Confirmation tests will be done at overseas reference lab.
- Since Monday 9th Oct there has been a few other admissions who have been linked directly or indirectly to the initial probable case.

- A foreign national who has not had any contact with the first case or any known case presented with fever and mild respiratory symptoms on Tuesday 10th October. He is admitted in isolation. Rapid test done on his sputum that he produced on 11th Oct was reported as weakly positive. This result has not been confirmed yet by Institut Pasteur. A sample is being sent overseas for confirmatory test.

His contacts are being traced and are receiving antibiotics prophylaxis.

Today one woman (26) was transferred to hospital with fever and respiratory symptoms and placed in isolation. As a precaution she has been put on antibiotics while tests are being run.

- The total number of admissions is 12. All admitted patients are receiving treatment with prescribed antibiotics as a precaution. It is important to note that patients admitted do not necessarily have the disease- their admission is a precaution.

- One of the children admitted in hospital on Tuesday may have had contact with certain children at Anse Boileau school earlier this week. As a precautionary measure, all the crèche and primary school children will be provided with prophylaxis at the school tomorrow morning. Parents are being contacted either by phone or SMS to come with their children tomorrow morning. A team of health workers and Red Cross workers will be there to see them and give them the precautionary treatment.

- Over 320 people who have had contact with the probable case have been prescribed antibiotic as prophylaxis so far.

- Should anyone who are on prophylaxis develop fever and cough and other symptoms, they should contact their health centre or the following numbers
The Ministry of health has reopened the Military training academy to isolate close contact to the case. These are the close family members. (11)

All incoming passengers (visitors and residents) who have visited Madagascar in the past 7 days who are arriving in Seychelles via other routes will be put in isolation at the Perseverance military academy.

Regional Health centres (Beau Vallon, English River, Les Mamelles, Anse Boileau health centres and Anse Royale hospital) are being used to assess contact and provide prophylaxis.

The Public Health Authority (PHA) is reinforcing the advisory to prevent people to travel to Madagascar for the time being.

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