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Japan: MOE Raises Surveillance Alert Level As More Dead Birds Are Discovered

Shimane Prefecture - Credit Wikipedia


Yesterday in Japan: MAFF Confirms 1st Detection Of HPAI H5N6 In Wild Bird This Fall, we learned of a second dead bird collected in Shimane Prefecture that had field-tested positive for Influenza A.  
Today, Japan's MOE (Ministry Of Environment) has posted the following chart showing two more from the same general location.

We'll have to wait for full genetic lab analysis from Tottori University, but concerns are -  as we saw last year - that H5N6 has arrived in force.

Accordingly the MOE has issued the following (translated) statement, raising the alert level to 2, and calling upon all prefectures  to report any dead birds.
Office Contact
November 9, 2014
Department of Dean and Wildlife Administration
Wildlife Division, Ministry of Natural Environment
Managing Director of Wildlife protection
Today, in the death birds of Shimane prefecture, highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N6 Subtype) has been detected.
This time, the outbreak in a single place in Japan, "high pathogenic bird flu in birds In accordance with the Technical Manual (hereinafter referred to in the following manual).
Raise the nationwide response level for bird surveillance to "Level 2".
In the surveillance, "highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in birds
Regarding the implementation of the Tenure survey (September 12, 29, Shino, 1709121) and In accordance with the facts of the local community, and to strengthen the monitoring system. We ask that you In the case of a change in the situation related to avian influenza in your prefecture, please inform us promptly.
In charge of Wildlife conservation Management Office Nishiyama, Iwano, Kamata, Suzuki
Phone 03 (5521) always

Given their close proximity, and last year's history of seeing concurrent outbreaks of H5N6, South Korea is paying very close attention to these reports from Japan. This admittedly syntax challenged (machine translated) report from South Korea's Ministry of Agriculture (MAFRA) describes the steps they are taking to strengthen their defenses against AI.

Japanese wild bird mortality H5N6-type body strengthening surveillance and biosecurity detection of the highly pathogenic AI (11.09, deployment
Added     2017-11-09 21:30:00
Japanese wild birds (swan) following dying body H5N6 style pathogenic AI detection example will kick and the interception disease prevention reinforcement agriculture and forestry livestock raising food department (minister: Kim Young-rok) the Japanese wild birds dying body * from 11.9 day pathogenic AI (H5N6 style *) to be detected, the domestic AI example gotten information will kick, disclosed and took an interception disease prevention reinforcement measure. * 11.5.
Is collected Japanese as for the dying body (1 swan) which from Shimane Prefecture Matsu Eshi * H5N6 style pathogenic AI from the domestic domestic fowl 'until 16.11 Wolbuteo '17.3 month from 343rd case occurrence and the chicken with high mortality (100%) pathogenicity variously appearing, relates with this from the duck, the pus food department from our country the pathogenic AI influx possibility according to uprising, the Ministry of Environment and to cooperate, about the domestic wild birds AI example will kick strengthens, did.
Currently the wild about prosecutor birds which is conducting AI '17.11~ December while, than the prosecutor number of items original plan for prosecutor concentration with about 150% (3,924th case) increases, conducts, doing, * from September for a wildness birds minute arm prosecutor reinforcement the operation reappointment also, the pus food department for the pathogenic AI occurrence courtesy visit in order to conduct a thorough interception disease prevention to the domestic fowl farmhouse and the local authority organization, asked to do something the wild birds specimen picking exclusive responsibility team (livestock hygiene epidemic control support headquarters).
The domestic fowl breeding farm the habitat for migratory bird entrance ban, within the barn net maintenance of the outer wall, at the time of barn entrance the whole aspect clothing shoes wearing and the foot hold disinfecting group establishment operation, strengthens disinfectant periodic shift and in order for different neither the domestic fowl breeding farm and meeting to do, to do and, together, the local authority organization with around habitat for migratory bird Sohacheon back to mobilize wide area prevention to, to the entrance of the habitat for migratory bird to strengthen periodic disinfecting entrance self-control hanging banner, a AI interception disease prevention promotion to establish in order to strengthen. With this, pus food department the overseas pathogenic AI occurrence continuity is increasing to this year the citizens, asked to do something that the livestock to have self-control and to contact in order not to bring the livestock, to pay attention to the livestock farmers and a cattle market visit in the overseas travel. * (Overseas occurrence) ('14) 166th case -> (' 15) 1,657th cases -> ('16) 1,162nd cases -> (' 17.10 month) 1,906th case (56 country)

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