Wednesday, November 22, 2017

South Korea: MAFRA Confirms LPAI H7N7, Testing More H5 Samples


Not unexpectedly, results from yesterday's report of H7N7 detected in wild bird feces has come back as less worrisome low path avian influenza (LPAI).  Low path H7N7 was detected in this general region last September, as well.

Pohang wild bird feces inspection results, according to the chronicles off room jeobyeongwonseong AI confirmed 

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Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food (Minister: gimyoungrok) last 11.14 days Gyeongbuk Pohang (Hyeongsan River) wild birds mange known as the inspection results, jeobyeongwonseong AI (H7N7 type) of the Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine Office for feces to the final diagnosis November 22 collected from depending said that the Defense costs were set off in the area.

In the west of the country, in Gyeonggi Hwaseong - which sits just 30 miles south and west of the nation's capital Seoul - environmental samples have tested positive for avian H5, and further testing is ongoing to determine the subtype and pathogenicity. 

Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-type H5 AI virus detected in wild birds feces press release (11.22, deployment) 

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Gyeonggi Hwaseong (Tuesday defended) Bird detection type H5 AI virus in feces - AI biosecurity measures in accordance with the emergency action plan (SOP) - Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food (Minister: gimyoungrok) are wild collected from 11.20 days, Gyeonggi Hwaseong (Tuesday defended) Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock quarantine office for bird feces intermediate test results AI H5-type virus has been detected * 11.22 days announced that the preventative measures taken in accordance with the AI ​​urgent action guidelines (SOP).

Set to 'wild birds current surveillance area "** for detecting the center point of a radius 10km area was to be subjected to movement control and disinfection with respect to poultry and birds bred in the area for 21 days, as well as, poultry farms and migratory doraeji, Small Stream AI enhanced biosecurity and its municipalities, etc., for the mobilization of Defense announced that a vehicle such as broadband bangjegi take biosecurity measures, including disinfection carried out every day. * N-type and highly pathogenic whether check is scheduled to take 3 to 6 ** Hwaseong Gyeonggi Chemistry advocate one AI detected center point within 10km poultry breeding farms (154 farms, about 1,569 shallow water) with respect to surveillance (clinical examination or inspection)  

Meanwhile the number of dead birds that have tested positive for HPAI H5N6 in Japan has risen to 7 (out of 9 tested) - all collected from Shimane Prefecture - according to the latest chart posted on Japan's Ministry of Environment website. 

Shimane Prefecture - Credit Wikipedia

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