Monday, November 20, 2017

South Korea: More H5N6/H5 In wild Birds


On the heels of yesterday's announcement (see MAFRA Confirms HPAI H5N6 At Gochang Poultry Farm) we learn of a second H5N6 detection in wild birds, and a third report from the northeastern part of the country of avian H5 in the environment.
The subtype and pathogenicity of this third report has yet to be determined. 
There are also media reports that MAFRA (Korea's Ministry of Agriculture) will be taking a hard line against poultry farmers who are negligent in their biosecurity.  
Now facing a 4th consecutive year of economically devastating avian flu outbreaks, as well as hosting the Winter Olympics next February, South Korean officials are under intense pressure to contain the crisis.
 First, an excerpt from MAFRA's second confirmed H5N6 report in Suncheon, South Jeolla.

Suncheon, South Jeolla strengthen quarantine measures in accordance with the feces of wild birds Highly Pathogenic AI detection (11.20, deployment)

Chonnam Suncheon (Suncheon) wild bird feces Highly Pathogenic AI (H5N6 type) strengthening defenses of the detection measures "Key Contents" 
◇ Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food respect to the wild bird feces collected from November 13, Chonnam Suncheon (Suncheon) Ministry of environmental Research overhaul is confirmed by the final result of 11.20 days Highly pathogenic AI (H5N6 type) announced that due to measures taken to strengthen defenses "avian influenza emergency action plan." Clinical observations with respect as the H5 type antigen detection for duck farmers residing in keeping Suncheon enhanced biosecurity readiness such as 11.17 days action was "wild tide flow forecasting area" setting, movement control for poultry inspection and chicken, etc. Simple test kits and ever strengthening quarantine measures when necessary 

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This next report comes from Yangyang County.  Full test results should be available in a day or two, and while LPAI H5 is a strong possibility, local officials are taking no chances.

Yangyang, Gangwon (namdaecheon) wild birds AI H5-type virus detected in the feces
(11.20, deployment) Added 2017-11-20 21:02:00
Gangwon Yangyang (namdaecheon) Bird detection type H5 AI virus in feces - AI biosecurity measures in accordance with the emergency action plan (SOP) - Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food (Minister: gimyoungrok) is a wild bird feces collected from 11.16 days Gangwon Yangyang (namdaecheon) and to inform you that with respect to the intermediate test results detected H5-type virus AI * 11.20 days in the Ministry of environmental Research, AI announced that the preventative measures taken in accordance with the emergency action plan (SOP).
Set to 'wild birds current surveillance area "** for detecting the center point of a radius 10km area was to be subjected to movement control and disinfection with respect to poultry and birds bred in the area for 21 days, as well as, poultry farms and migratory doraeji, Small Stream AI enhanced biosecurity and its municipalities for such vehicles is to mobilize the Defense wide Area bangjegi announced that total take biosecurity measures, including disinfection carried out every day. * N-type and highly pathogenic whether confirmation from about 3 to 5 takes ** Chonnam Suncheon Suncheon AI detected center point within 10km poultry breeding farms surveillance against the (about 130 farmers, shallow water 15) (clinical examination or inspection) carried

Our last stop is an English language report in the business section of today's Korea Times which describes the government's plans to go after poultry farmers who are found negligent in preventing AI outbreaks.
Gov't to penalize farms for bird flu outbreak

Posted : 2017-11-20 16:50
Updated : 2017-11-20 21:40

By Lee Hyo-sik

The government plans to penalize chicken and other poultry farms infected with avian influenza if they are found to have been negligent in preventing the outbreak of the highly infectious virus, the top agriculture policymaker said Monday.

At a press briefing in Sejong, an administrative city 130 kilometers south of Seoul, Agriculture Minister Kim Young-rok said the government will consider taking legal action against Charmfre. The local poultry breeding and processing company is accused of being responsible for the latest bird flu outbreak that hit one of its affiliated farms in Gochang, North Jeolla Province.

"The infected duck farm was saddled with outdated breeding facilities and disregarded necessary quarantine precautions," Kim said. "We will carefully consider what steps to take against Charmfre. The farm will also be held accountable for the outbreak."

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Whether taking a hard line against poultry farms hit by the virus will result in better compliance, or - as we've seen in China  - will lead to coverups and the midnight dumping of infected poultry into landfills and rivers, remains to be seen.

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