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China: 4 H7 Positive Samples Taken From Hunan Poultry Markets

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Although reports of H7N9 out of China remain scarce right now, today Chinese media is filled with reports of the detection of the H7 virus in 4 of 32 poultry samples collected from live bird markets in Changde City, Hunan Province on December 15th.
Today's report indicates the detection of H7 influenza virus nucleic acid, and while that is presumably H7N9, I assume further testing to confirm the full subtype is underway. 
No human H7N9 cases have been reported in Changde City this year, but this is a reminder that the virus remains active, particularly in live bird markets.  Typical of today's reporting is the following (translated) report from

Hunan Changde is now 4 cases of H7 avian influenza virus nucleic acid samples temporarily without human infection
 Beijing Sina (2017-12-17 17:16) Beijing News Express (Reporter Lu Tong) Today (December 17), online video shows a farmer's market in Changde City, Hunan Province. In this regard, Changde Municipal Propaganda Department issued a circular said Changde city has 4 specimens tested positive for H7 influenza virus nucleic acid, as of today has not been reported H7N9 bird flu cases.
Network video shows several anti-chemical service workers are working in a vegetable market. Video with text that Changde a dish of bird flu found in the relevant departments immediately conducted an emergency sale of live poultry: the market live poultry sales have been closed Hugh, live fowl hunting, the market was cleaned and disinfected.
Changde City, Wuling District Propaganda Department on December 16 in its official WeChat issued a circular on the matter said Changde Wuling District CDC on December 13 in Qingyang Ge farmer's market to collect three samples of bird flu environmental monitoring to send Changde City CDC test. The evening of December 15, Changde City CDC test results feedback and found a positive sample of H7 virus nucleic acid. Relevant departments of Wuling District handled the emergency disposal of live poultry sales in Qingyang Pavilion farmers market on the morning of the 16th. Live poultry sales were closed and the live poultry were hunted and burned, and the market was cleaned and disinfected.
Today, Changde Municipal Propaganda Department issued a circular, said December 15 Changde City CDC on the county CDC sent live poultry market environmental specimens were detected on the same day a total of 32 specimens were detected, of which 4 specimens H7 influenza virus nucleic acid test results were positive, from Changde City Wuling District 1, Hanshou County 1, Anxiang County and West Lake management area 1 copy.
According to the monitoring results, it is proved that the live fowls sold in some live poultry markets in Changde City are infected with the H7N9 bird flu virus. According to the prevalence of human infection with H7N9 bird flu, experts in Changde Municipal CDC analyzed and judged that the possibility of a large-scale human bird flu outbreak is unlikely but there is still a risk of sporadic cases. According to the briefing, as of today, no case of H7N9 bird flu has been reported in Changde City.
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