Saturday, December 23, 2017

MAFRA Reports 4th Duck Farm Hit By HPAI H5N6


Although hardly setting records - at least compared to the past few years - South Korea continues to report a diverse array of avian H5 viruses (LPAI & HPAI) in wild birds, and today confirms their 4th HPAI H5N6 poultry outbreak of the 2017-18 bird flu season.
Complicating matters, three days ago South Korea Reported A `Second Strain' Of The Newly Reassorted H5N6 Virus, indicating that the virus continues to evolve.
With the 2018 Winter Olympic Games - which will be held in Pyeongchang County - now only six weeks away (Feb 9th-25th), their is great pressure for the government to quickly control and contain any outbreaks.

Today MAFRA has announced the following H5N6 positive poultry outbreak on a farm with about 27,000 birds, along with a couple new detections of H5N5/H5 in wild birds.
Jeongeup, Jeonbuk Broiler Duck Farm inspection results Highly Pathogenic AI (H5N6 type) confirmed

2017-12-23 15:05:00

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food (Minister: gimyoungrok) is 12.21 (Thursday) AI with Jeonbuk Jeongeup material identified as H5 type in the inspection process broiler duck farms (breeding size of about 27,000 number) Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine Division final inspection results for, 12.23 ( sat) Highly pathogenic AI (H5N6 type) today announced that confirmed the virus. 

Agri-food section to the previous H5 antigen when checking pre-emptive action to be confirmed as highly pathogenic "temporarily move the stop command," the official announcement (12.22. Emitter 14 pm 12.23. 14 pm) was ever carried out in Japan moved to stop and disinfection, H5N6 confirmed genotype and enforce the preventative measures - to strengthen at the same time it announced that measures ever prevent further spread. 

① All poultry farms and workers seven days to move and access control, 

② all poultry breeding farms inspections carried out, 

③ banned poultry distribution of Jeongeup Jeongeup Jeongeup material traditional 

MAFRA also announced the detection of HPAI H5N6 in wild bird feces in Cheonan, prompting enhanced biosecurity and inspection efforts in the region.

Cheonan (Seocheon-style) Wild bird fecal test results highly pathogenic AI (H5N6 type) confirmed 

2017-12-23 15:05:00

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food (Minister: gimyoungrok) said that the 12.19 days Cheonan (Seocheon-style), wild bird feces agriculture, forestry and livestock inspection results Highly Pathogenic AI (H5N6 type) taken from the quarantine office for the day confirmed 12.23. As soon 12.22 days H5N6-type antigens are detected with respect to the local time was to take biosecurity measures such as "wild tide flow forecasting area" set, 21-day moving control and disinfection of the poultry while, also, the jurisdiction of local governments in the Cheonan area hayeoteum already measures in vitro for all poultry farmers to carry out emergency surveillance and inspection * (duck) inspection, (chicken, etc.) convenience kit inspection agri-food section with respect to this highly pathogenic AI confirmed, the competent local government and poultry farmers are migratory birds such as AI to prevent inflow through the assignment was ever thoroughly implement quarantine measures for strengthening the farm as well as migratory birds doraeji access control and disinfection measures.

 And the detection of avian H5 (subtype & pathogenicity tests pending) in wild bird feces in Jeonnam Haenam. 

Jeonnam Haenam (geumhoho) in a wild bird feces-type H5 AI virus antigen detection 

2017-12-23 15:25:00

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food (Minister: gimyoungrok) are detected and work 12.21 days MOE (National Institute of Environmental Research), intermediate tests H5 type AI virus antigen - on the wild bird feces collected from Jeonnam Haenam (geumhoho) is 12.23 behavioral AI emergency instructions (SOP ) announced that the preventative measures taken in accordance with. Set to 'wild birds current surveillance area ** "for detecting the center point of a radius 10km area it was to be subjected to movement control and disinfection with respect to poultry and birds bred in the area for 21 days, as well as, poultry farms and migratory doraeji, Small Stream AI enhanced biosecurity and its municipalities, etc., for the mobilization of Defense announced that a vehicle such as broadband bangjegi take biosecurity measures, including disinfection carried out every day. * N-type and highly pathogenic whether confirmation is 3 to 5 will take ** Jeonnam Haenam (geumhoho) AI detected center point within 10km poultry breeding farms (No. 36, shallow water of about 552) with respect to surveillance (clinical examination or inspection) carried


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