Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saudi MEWA: 5 new cases of H5N8 in Riyadh and Al-Ahsa - Dec 30th


From the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA) we get a fresh update on the last 24 hours of their detection and containment efforts for H5N8 avian flu.  `Injuries' in these reports refer to birds, or flocks of birds, not humans.

Registration (5) new cases of bird flu (H5N8) in Riyadh and Al-Ahsa  


- The number of casualties high pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8) among birds during the twenty-four hours last in the Kingdom (5) injuries, including (3) in Al-Ahsa province in the Eastern Province came in the backyard farms traditional breeding, and two in the city of Riyadh, one injury poultry project, and the other in a traditional breeding farm.

- The number of samples that arrived at the veterinary diagnostic laboratory in Riyadh to this day (1820) sample since the beginning of the outbreak of the disease, and collected samples based on the reports of citizens, and procedures for the survey and investigation in the vicinity of the affected areas.

- continue to field teams in the governorates of Al-Kharj and Dhurma and Almzahmip safe disposal of birds and disinfection and prevention measures in (3) Poultry projects, being in full implementation of the contingency plan in those sites and disinfect the affected areas.
- In addition, it continued to field teams in Al-Ahsa province safe disposal of infected birds procedures in a number of courtyards in the vicinity of areas that have been discovered where the infection, and complete the implementation of the contingency plan to maintain and disinfect the affected areas.
- also it continued to field teams in the Qassim region epidemiological investigation procedures on farms and rest houses located in the vicinity of the area where the infection is detected and announced earlier, was implemented an emergency plan in full and cleanse the affected area.
- The number of communications received amounted to the emergency room during the past twenty-four hours (17) tip, were directly (16) a communication which, while arrived in the emergency room (46) inquiries.
- continued epidemiological investigation and guidance of veterinary disease, high bird flu virulence during the last twenty-four hours (25) awareness point in the markets and communities in all regions of the Kingdom.
The ministry emphasizes all bird breeders to prevent buying and selling from areas recorded cases of the disease and that the ministry, in cooperation with other agencies, will be what is necessary to all prove to be committed to the ban on buying and selling birds in those areas, the protection of birds and to prevent the risk of the spread of infection to other areas make it difficult to follow up the disease and elimination efforts

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