Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saudi Update On H5N8 - Dec 29th


Although I haven't found yesterday's update posted on the MEWA (Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture) web site, several Arabic media sources have published the following  statement on behalf of the Ministry.
We learn that over the last 24 hour reporting period 7 more outbreaks of H5N8 have been detected (5 in Riyadh, 1 in Qassim, and 1 on the island of Tarot (aka Taurot) in the Eastern Province).
This confirms the Media Reports Of H5N8 In Al-Qassim Region I mentioned on Thursday afternoon. There are also media reports of precautionary closing of live bird markets around the country - even in areas where H5N8 has not been detected.

The following (translated) report, although dated today, appears to be yesterday's update.

"Environment" issued daily summary of follow-up cases of bird flu H5N8

Date December 30, 2017
The number of samples that arrived at the veterinary diagnosis laboratory in Riyadh till today was 1720 samples since the outbreak of the outbreak. The samples were collected on the basis of citizens' reports and procedures of surveying and investigation in the vicinity of the affected areas.
The number of bird flu cases among birds during the 24 hours in the Kingdom of 7 cases, including 5 in Riyadh, and one in the center of sight in Qassim, and one on the island of Tarot in the Eastern Province, and all cases of injuries outside Riyadh came in the margins of rural farms.
Field teams in Al-Kharj and Al-Kharj governorates continue to conduct safe disposal of birds in two poultry projects. The emergency plan is fully implemented and the affected area is cleared.
In addition, field teams in Al-Ahsa governorate completed the safe disposal of 1,325 birds in a number of habitats in the vicinity of the area where the infection was detected. The emergency plan was fully implemented and the affected area was cleared.
The field teams in Al-Qassim have also completed the safe disposal of 800 birds in a number of habitats in the vicinity of the area where the infection was detected. The emergency plan was fully implemented and the affected area was cleared.
Near the city of Riyadh, the field teams, in collaboration with the municipality of Darmaa, continue cleaning and prevention measures in a poultry project and safe disposal of 813 birds in the surrounding area.
- The number of communications received by the emergency room during the past 24 hours was 27, 22 of which were issued, while 37 were in the emergency room.
- The number of rounds of bird flu awareness in the last twenty-four hours 25 awareness tour in markets and gatherings in all regions of the Kingdom.
- The ministry emphasizes poultry farms in the Kingdom of the need to tighten biosecurity measures, and non-transport in the areas of infection with avian influenza, and the need to clean and wash transport vehicles at the entrances of farms, slaughterhouses and poultry feed factories within the projects, and field teams will visit the inspection, And the pace of sanctions according to regulations.
- The ministry banned all poultry projects and transport companies, in addition to bird breeders and individuals, ie, transport of birds between the regions of the Kingdom without obtaining permission from the ministry.
- The ministry called on poultry breeders in the Kingdom to avoid buying live birds from unknown sources, and not to bring birds to markets and places of sale indiscriminately, to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

It's possible we'll see another update later today.

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