Saturday, January 06, 2018

Saudi MEWA: 11 new cases of H5N8 - Jan 6th


The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA) continues to provide us with detailed daily updates on their battle against the recently arrived (announced Dec 20th) H5N8 avian flu virus.

Today's update, with 11 new outbreaks listed from 4 different locations, indicates just how tough a job they are facing.

Recording 11 new cases of bird flu (H5N8)


The ministry continues to cooperate with the relevant authorities efforts to contain the outbreak of high pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8), the number of new infections confirmed were experimentally infected birds during the twenty-four hours last in the Kingdom (11) injured, five of them in Al-Ahsa province, and four in Darmaa province, while the remaining two were distributed in both Kharj province and Hawtat Bani Tamim for one each, and all of those injuries recorded were sourced from backyard poultry rearing traditional. 

Field, continued veterinary teams in the governorates of Al-Kharj and health Darmaa safe disposal of three poultry production projects already announced her own disease and the application of the emergency plan on these projects and procedures surrounding areas.

While the veterinary field teams relay in output and Harimlae and Darmaa and Al-Ahsa and Buraidah Bakeereya and Dawadmi provinces and Hawtat Bani Tamim, safe health to get rid of infected birds in a number of backyard traditional education in the vicinity of the areas that were discovered infection where the procedures and announcements, and the implementation and completion of the emergency plan in those locations.

In the part of the laboratory diagnosis received the ministry laboratories veterinary until this day (2541) sample to be tested for the disease have been completed all, and collected samples based on the reports of citizens, and procedures for epidemiological surveillance in the vicinity of the affected areas, as well as non-infected to detect any new disease spots early in the Kingdom different.

At the level of application of the prohibition of movement of poultry between the areas without a permit from the ministry's measures, the veterinary monitoring field teams in cooperation with the security authorities in Taif destruction Arsaliti Birds (1008) chickens with full cages used to transport them were those outside Alarsalitin from the Riyadh region is set to Makkah Region without a permit from the ministry, it will be punished violators fined up to a million riyals and imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, and to stop the license or cancel for productive projects as stated in articles (51.52) of the Implementing Regulations of livestock issued by the decree of The Royal No. M / 13 dated 10/3/1424.

The ministry indicated that the toll-free emergency livestock (8002470000) works around the clock to answer inquiries and provide guidance tips for bird breeders in ways of protection against the disease, in addition to receiving reports of suspected disease of individuals or productive projects, where the number of communications to them during the twenty-four the last hour (16) communication exercised all, while the number of inquiries about the disease (38) queries, bringing the total communications and inquiries (1085) communication and inquiries since the beginning of the discovery of the disease.

- In the side veterinary awareness and guidance ministry is still continuing its awareness of high pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8) in the markets and communities in all regions of the Kingdom.

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