Thursday, January 04, 2018

Saudi MEWA Announces 7 Additional Cases Of H5N8 In Riyadh Province


Although I prefer to lift my daily H5N8 updates directly from the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA) website, so far it hasn't been posted.  Instead, a copy has apparently been distributed to the press and been published in a number of media sources, including by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
For the second day in a row MEWA reports 7 new cases of H5N8,  with all of these latest cases in and around Riyadh province.
The translated `Province of Darmaa' ( ضرما ) refers, I believe., to Dhurma - located about 70 km northwest of the Capital of Riyadh.  This first-ever outbreak of HPAI H5N8 in Saudi Arabia was announced 15 days ago, on December 20th. 

General / "Environment" issued daily summary of follow-up cases of bird flu H5N8 recorded 7 injuries in Riyadh,
 Riyadh, April 17, 1439H corresponding to 04 January 2018 SPA

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, in cooperation with the concerned authorities, continues its efforts to contain the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8). The number of confirmed cases of bird flu among birds during the past 24 hours in the Kingdom was 7, In the suburbs of Riyadh, and (3) in the province of Darmaa, and all those injuries recorded in traditional breeding grounds, except for one injury in the poultry production project in the province of Darmaa.

The veterinary field teams in Makkah Region, in cooperation with the Secretariat teams and with the support of the Emirate of the Region, completed safe disposal procedures of 6,500 birds in 38 stores in the Al-Ahdal Poultry Market in Jeddah, where epidemiological surveys confirmed that one of them was infected with the virus. No injuries in the vicinity of the market and adjacent areas.
In Al-Kharj governorate, the field teams completed the safe disposal of 385,000 birds in the poultry production project, which was previously announced and the site was completely cleared and closed.
While the field teams in the provinces of Al-Kharj, Huraila, Al-Ahsa, and Buraidah continue the safe disposal of infected birds in a number of traditional breeding grounds in the vicinity of the areas where the infection was detected and declared, and complete the emergency plan at those sites.
On the side of laboratory diagnosis, the number of samples that reached the veterinary diagnosis laboratory in Riyadh until this day reached (2287) samples since the beginning of the outbreak of the disease. The samples were collected on the basis of citizens' reports and the epidemiological survey procedures in the vicinity of infected and non-infected areas to detect any new sick spots early In different regions of the Kingdom.
The Ministry indicated that it continues to receive reports of the disease and to respond to queries related to it via toll free telephone number (8002470000). The number of complaints received during the last 24 hours reached 14, 48 queries, bringing the total number of communications and inquiries 969 communications and inquiries since the beginning of the discovery of the disease.
The ministry confirmed that the disease has never been recorded in humans according to the World Health Organization. The positive results of the disease in the Kingdom were the largest source so far, the traditional breeding habitats (chicken, duck, goose, turkey, ostrich) by 75% Shops and markets selling birds by 12%, followed by poultry production projects licensed by 10%. These projects were recorded only in Riyadh and finally in wild birds by 3%.
In addition to veterinary awareness and guidance, the Ministry continues its efforts to raise awareness of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8) in markets and communities in all regions of the Kingdom.
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