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South Korea: Minister Of Agriculture Warns HPAI Has Entered `New Phase'

Pocheon, Gyeonggi province - Credit Wikipedia


Among the confirmed outbreaks of H5N6 announced by MAFRA yesterday was a statement on the suspicion of avian flu at a large poultry farm in northern Gyeonggi province (see South Korea Reports More HPAI H5N6 In Poultry & Wild Birds).
Unlike most of the bird flu outbreaks this fall and winter - which have involved duck farms, generally clustered in the southern half of the country - this one is a chicken farm located north and east of Seoul, and is uncomfortably close to where the Winter Olympics will be held next month. 
Today the results are back, and as the following statement reveals, the culprit is indeed HPAI H5N6.

Fortune game hens homestead inspection results Highly Pathogenic AI (H5N6 type) confirmed press releases (1.4, deployment)

Added     2018-01-04 17:52:00

Match Fortune laying hens farmers inspection results Highly Pathogenic AI (H5N6 type) diagnosed Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food (Minister: gimyoungrok) 1.3 (Wednesday) Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine Division final precision of the reported economic Pocheon material laying hens farms (breeding approximately 197,000 may scale) test results 1.4.
(Thursday) announced that confirmed as highly pathogenic AI (H5N6 type) virus. The agri-food section before confirmed as highly pathogenic H5 antigen as a preemptive action when checking (not 1.3 0.15 1.5 pm and 0.15 pm) "temporary stop command to move," the official announcement was carried out in Japan to stop moving, disinfection and disposal of years old.
While this year's bird flu activity has been a fraction of what was reported by South Korea last year, both the political and economic stakes have been raised considerably due to the upcoming Olympic games. 
Following the brief announcement above, MAFRA has posted several long, detailed statements (e.g. Lead a clean Olympics pre-emptive AI biosecurity) on the steps that must be taken to halt AI's progress, in what the Minister of Agriculture is now calling a `new phase'.
Given the often syntax-challenged output from machine translators with Korean text, I've opted to use the shortest of the announcements below (bolding mine).
Minister Kim Young-kok, AI New Direction Thorough Administration 

Date 2018-01-04 17:40:00

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Livestock Foods Kim Yong-rok visited the AI ​​Situation Office of Gyeonggi Provincial Office on Jan. 4 to hold a joint video conference on AI bombings and AI bombardment. 

In his visit to the Gyeonggi Provincial Office, Minister Kim evaluated that the AI, which had only occurred in Jeonnam and North Ducks, had entered a new phase as confirmed at a laying farm in Pocheon, which was associated with the host city of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, Gangwon Province

And emphasized the need for strong preventive measures. 

As a strong preventive measure, first of all, AI liver kit tests are conducted weekly on farms. In addition to allowing eggs to be exported only when there is no abnormality, eggs will be allowed to be exported only to the registered and reported retailers.
It is planned to set up a mobile control station and to set up a control unit to strengthen management and prevention of access vehicles in the farm. In order to prevent the egg transportation vehicle from entering the farm, We plan to limit it to two times a week. 

In addition, emphasizing the need to cooperate with the livestock farmers in order to prevent the spread of highly pathogenic AI, considering that AI is a severe situation that can happen anywhere in the country, it is important that all agriculture, agriculture, We emphasized cooperation again. He also said that he will not inconvenience the people's life in order to manage the supply and demand of livestock products.

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