Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Saudi MOH Reports 2 MERS Cases


The Saudi MOH has updated their MERS surveillance page today announcing 2 new cases, but for some reason the standard graphics (map & chart) are not available in the English language report, and so I've lifted the graphic (above) from the Arabic version.
No report was filed at all for the 18th, while a `zero cases' report was posted for the 19th
So far, we've seen just 8 days reported during the month of February, with at least two cases announced on the Arabic page that were never posted on the English site, and several recoveries that were never announced as having been infected.
Exactly what is behind this recent erratic reporting, and discrepancies, remains a mystery. 

Details on today's two cases  (one from Riyadh & 1 from Taif) follow:

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