Thursday, February 08, 2018

Saudi MOH Updates Their MERS List


Although the Saudi MOH is under no obligation to publicly post daily reports (only to report cases in a timely fashion to WHO), over the years we've become accustomed to getting (more or less) daily updates on MERS cases from the Kingdom. 
There have been occasional gaps between updates, missed days, and belated announcements - but the Saudis have been generally pretty good about providing basic information about MERS cases on their website.
Ten days ago (Jan 29th) - after reporting a sizable uptick in cases since the 1st of the year (22 cases and 12 deaths) - the MOH stopped updating their Command & Control Center (CCC) statistics page.

Today (Feb 8th) they have posted a new entry, showing no new cases, but one recovery.  Hopefully we'll see some back filling of information on the 9 missing days (see list below).

If not, we ought to be able to get some idea of the missing activity from the next WHO update.

And hopefully daily reporting from the MOH will now continue.

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