Monday, August 06, 2018

The Saudi MOH Breaks Their Silence On MERS-CoV

The New Saudi MERS Info Page


Late yesterday afternoon Crof posted Saudi Arabia: An August 5 MERS report, which is the first MERS report we've seen from the Saudi MOH since they dismantled their reporting website last May.
These new surveillance reports - backfilled to mid-May - are at a new location on the Saudi MOH web portal, while the old, now defunct surveillance pages remains up.  
Reports only go back to epi week 21 at this point, and several links still take you to pages labeled `under construction'. It appears, based on dates on these new web pages, that these new pages began to go live on or about July 23rd.

Weekly updates posted as of today

Gone are the maps, charts, and running totals of cases, recoveries, deaths, and number of cases still under care.  Cases now appear to be reported only weekly. Typical of this new reporting format, we have the latest (week 22) update below:

As this site is still under construction, it is possible we'll see improvements over time.  While weekly reporting is far from ideal - it beats no reporting at all - which is what we've had for the past three months.

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