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Follow Up On Kalimantan Province Report


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Earlier this week the Indonesian press had several reports of 4 children from Kalimantan Province being treated in the isolation unit of Dr Soedarso hospital in Pontianak for suspected `flu burung’ or bird flu.


Earlier another child from that region had been hospitalized and tested negative for H5N1, but a number of poultry had died in the area, raising suspicions (see Two Reports From Indonesia).


Today we learn via a translation on Arkanoid Legent’s website that two of these isolated children have tested negative for H5N1, but positive for pandemic H1N1.


It seems likely that the other two children will test negative for bird flu as well.




Indonesia : Negative for Bird Flu, Swine Flu Positive

More update (translated via Google) on the situation in West Kalimantan which was reported earlier. Excerpt, the report from Pontianak Post :

" PONTIANAK : Test results of laboratory examination of Research and Development Institute Ministry of Health in Jakarta for two patients, Dany Ardian (10) and Audina (8) susfect suspected H5N1 bird flu has been accepted party Soedarso Hospital. The results conclude that two negative pasein H5N1 (bird flu) but the positive H1N1 (swine flu). This was revealed in a press conference Soedarso Hospital party to a number of journalists, Friday (2 / 7). Description was submitted dr.Abdussalam, S.pp and dr.Dedet H, accompanied by the Head of Service S.ppa dr.Tita Sulandari Hospital and the Hospital of the public relations department, Rudy SH.


"Two patients who were treated in hospital isolation room negative Soedarso susfect bird flu, Influenza A type HINI positive. Type influenzanya than usual and not fatal bird flu, "said Dr. Abdussalam. And low in the cause of death. But be dangerous if not treated quickly. Because the virus attacks the human lung tissue.Which spread through the human rather than from pigs. While for two other patients, Ar and WN, are still awaiting results of laboratory examinations of Research and Development Institute Ministry of Health in Jakarta know the symptoms of a virus that attacks. Simultaneously Dedet, said fourth condition of the patient is now his condition continues to improve."



Just a word if I may about Arkanoid’s website.


Crof in particular, and I on occasion, have blogged about the need for more rational and responsible infectious disease bloggers, particularly from hot zone countries, but also from nations around the world. 


And not just for flu, but for other emerging diseases like Chagas, Dengue, Chikungunya, Hemorrhagic fevers, and others.


One such blog I’m happy to report is Arkanoid Legent, out of Malaysia.  You’ll find it listed on my sidebar under Specialty News Gatherers along with Chen Qi , BFIC, and SAIDIR.  


This is a site I visit every day, and if it isn’t on your list, it really should be.


A small taste, via Arkanoid’s links for Saturday July 3nd, will give you an idea of the range of subjects covered.



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