Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Royal Society H5N1 Symposium: Day 2



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At 4 am EDT, 9 am BST (UTC+1), day two of the Royal Society’s H5N1 research: biosafety, biosecurity and bioethics symposium will get underway.


This two-day event is being live-streamed on the internet, and the full video will soon be made available on the Royal Society’s website.


Lisa Schnirring of CIDRAP news provides us with an excellent overview of the first day’s presentations.


H5N1 mutations, other details unveiled at H5N1 meeting

Lisa Schnirring * Staff Writer

Apr 3, 2012 (CIDRAP News) – New details about H5N1 transmission studies emerged today during a Royal Society conference on the topic in London, but with Dutch export restrictions blocking what one research group could share.

Scientists who led the two studies in question both took the stage during the first day of a 2-day meeting to discuss a host of issues on the topic, from basic research to ethics. The Royal Society is offering a live webcast of the meeting.


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Today’s offerings should be quite lively, with perspectives from the scientific publishing sector, the media, Professor Peter Doherty, Professor Arthur Caplan, and an extended Q&A session.

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