Saturday, October 13, 2012

American Fever: The `Viral’ Video




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It’s a fairly quiet morning in Flublogia, and so I hope you’ll indulge a brief departure from our regular fare of disease outbreak and disaster news while I unabashedly plug a friend’s book.  


A little over three years ago I featured a blog (see Catching An American Fever) on Peter Christian Hall’s online pandemic novel American Fever.




Peter is an accomplished journalist, feature writer, novelist, and film producer who’s work has appeared in the The Huffington Post, Reuters, and Rolling Stone – just to name a few.


Last year Peter interviewed Crof, Scott McPherson, Cottontopand myself for an article on flu bloggers, and our reaction to the movie Contagion, for The Huffington Post (see Contagion Grips 'Flublogia').


In American Fever Peter weaves links to real-life flu blogs (including Crofsblog, Effect Measure, Scott McPherson and AFD) into his disturbing story of a New York City blogger who watches his world unravel into a dystopian nightmare during an H5N1 pandemic.



The web version remains online (edited, tightened up, and better than ever) which you can access for free, but now there is an e-book, and a printed version you can purchase (see It Gives You Fever).


This week, Peter unveiled the winner of a video contest, where invited filmmakers to come up with a `video trailer’ for his book.


You can watch David Rodriguez’s winning entry below.





As far as American Fever is concerned - while I enjoyed it immensely - I have to hope that Peter’s dark vision of what happens to outspoken flu bloggers during an H5N1 pandemic never comes to pass.


I keep repeating to myself . . . It’s only fiction . . .

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