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Saudi Arabia MOH Announces Third Coronavirus Case



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Just after the Hajj has ended and pilgrims are returning home, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health has announced the detection, and recovery of, a third case infected with the novel Coronavirus (see Coronavirus: WHO Update & Genome Sequence) first announced in September.


Details are scant, including when this case was detected. Other than the location (Riyadh), and the fact that the patient appears to have recovered, we know very little at this point.


A machine translation of the announcement posted today on the Saudi MOH website follows. Despite its length, it reveals little:


Discovery of the first case of infection Corona citizen in a hospital in the city of Riyadh

December 19, 1433

Continuation of what you do and the Ministry of Health of the survey and epidemiological and surveillance and preventive for all infectious diseases, as part of its efforts to maintain the health and safety of citizens and residents, in line with the approach of transparency adopted by the ministry with all citizens and the media, and a desire to see everyone updated on the situation with regard to these diseases ; Ministry wishes to announce the discovery of a case of getting infected with Corona citizen in a hospital in the city of Riyadh; were suspected in his case, and was immediately conduct tests and analyzes necessary for him in the laboratories of the ministry. As the sample was sent to a specialized laboratory outside the Kingdom, noting that the patient did not leave the Riyadh area.


The results were confirmed for a positive situation; Therefore, the ministry at the time to take all actions and precautionary measures to deal with this situation, and in accordance with the norms of scientific and medical WHO guidelines, as well as recommended by the National Scientific Committee for Infectious Diseases, whose membership includes specialized consultants representing all sectors of health government.


The Ministry wishes to point out that the patient had received appropriate treatment, and recovered, and that the health status of reassuring not to worry; where are these cases individually, and equal most people infected with the virus to heal - God willing - after providing supportive therapy appropriate for such this topic cases like viruses that cause for respiratory infections such as influenza and other seasonal. The Ministry wishes to reassure everyone that it continues to follow developments in the situation about this virus in coordination with international organizations and international medical bodies and regional organizations. May God protect our country from all evils, and the pleasures of all-time health and wellness.



Reuters is carrying the following report this afternoon on this latest development:


Saudi confirms third case of newly discovered SARS-like virus

ABU DHABI | Sun Nov 4, 2012 11:51am EST

(Reuters) - A Saudi citizen in the capital Riyadh is the world's third confirmed case of a newly discovered SARS-related virus but he has now recovered from his illness, the official Saudi Press Agency reported on Sunday.

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UPDATE:  After posting this blog, I see that ProMed Mail has a few more details, via a correspondence from Ziad A Memish, MD Deputy Minister for Public Health & Director WHO Collaborating Center for Mass Gathering Medicine. 


Although I’ve received the email alert, this update does not appear to be on the ProMed website yet.  I’ll post a link when it becomes available.


Adding to what we already heard:


  • This case was initially hospitalized for pneumonia, and after testing negative for the usual suspects, was tested for the novel coronavirus.
  • This new case has no epidemiological links to the 2 other cases.
  • The patient is now out of intensive care, and is said to be recovering.
  • There are no secondary cases detected, but investigations continue.
  • The patient visited a farm a week before the illness struck.



Hopefully a more detailed report will be provided to the World Health Organization, or the media, in the near future.

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