Friday, November 30, 2012

WHO Corrects Coronavirus Statement




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The `buzz’ in flublogia yesterday centered around the low-profile release of a new statement on the novel Coronavirus by the World Health Organization.  Not unexpectedly, it increased the number of confirmed cases to 7 (with 1 probable).


Somewhat confusingly, however, it cited only one death, contradicting earlier reports of two deaths (see WHO Confirms 7th Coronavirus Case for the original statement).

Sometime over the past 12 hours or so, a corrected version of the statement has been uploaded to the WHO site, and now they cite three deaths.


The corrected paragraph (a h/t to sharp-eyed Gert van der Hoek on FluTrackers for catching this) now reads (bolding mine):


The clinical picture in all cases was an acute respiratory infection presenting with signs and  symptoms of pneumonia. Of the seven confirmed cases, five developed acute renal failure and three of these died. The remaining two confirmed cases had pneumonia that required intensive support, without renal failure, and recovered. Three of the seven confirmed cases and the one probable case all belong to the same family and were living in the same household. 


The corrected document may be downloaded from:

Novel coronavirus technical guidance - surveillance

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