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ECDC: Epidemiological Update On MERS-CoV


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The ECDC has released their latest epidemiological update on the MERS Coronavirus (the last one appeared on Oct 4th), and as we’ve come to expect, it’s a concise and informative update with excellent graphics.

Among primary cases (those without a known exposure), the demographics are heavily skewed towards older men (median age 59), and mortality rates of 59%.    Secondary cases, those with a known exposure, were more evenly divided between male and female, were younger (median age 45) , and saw a lower fatality rate (29%).


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Epidemiological update: Middle East respiratory coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

  •  25 Nov 2013


​In June 2012, a case of fatal respiratory disease in a previously healthy 60-year-old man was reported from Saudi Arabia [1]. The cause was subsequently identified as a new coronavirus that has been named Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

By 22 November 2013, 160 cases of MERS have been reported. All cases have either occurred in the Middle East or have direct links to a primary case infected in the Middle East.

From the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has reported 130 cases, including 55 deaths, Jordan two cases, including two deaths, Qatar seven cases, including three deaths, the United Arab Emirates six cases, including two deaths. During the second week of November 2013, two new places from the Middle East have acknowledged cases. Oman (reported one case, which died) and Kuwait (reported two cases, without any deaths).

Twelve cases were reported outside of the Middle East in the United Kingdom (4), Italy (1), France (2), Germany (2), and Tunisia (3). The primary case for each chain was infected in the Middle East, and local secondary transmission following importation was reported from the United Kingdom, France, and Tunisia.

Two probable cases [2]  were recently reported from Spain [3] , the first case was reported on 4 November 2013, and the second case was reported on the 14 November. Both cases have travel history to Saudi Arabia. The first case was symptomatic on the flight from Saudi Arabia to Spain. These probable cases tested positive by the first screening test. Further confirmatory testing is on-going [4]. Probable cases with inconclusive test results have previously been reported from France [5] and Italy [6].

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