Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Indonesian Veterinarian Tests Negative For H5N1 Infection




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In a follow up to Sunday’s blog  (see Watching Indonesia Again), the veterinarian who was placed into isolation after developing a fever and respiratory symptoms  in the wake of doing poultry inspections has tested negative for the H5N1 virus.  The early symptoms of H5N1 infection are pretty much the same as with any respiratory viral infection, which means we tend to see a number suspected cases turn out to be negative.


This from Solopos.com.

DA Veterinarian Bird Flu Negative

Solopos.com, KLATEN - DA, vet initially suspected of contracting the H5N1 virus after examining poultry in Balong Kulon village, Village Kragilan, Gantiwarno Subdistrict, Klaten, declared bird flu negative.


"Around 09.00 pm last [Tuesday] we got good news from dr Moewardi. That the results of laboratory tests of veterinary negative DA. Now he is no longer in the isolation room and moved in the treatment room, "said Head of the Department of Agriculture (Dispertan) Klaten, Wahyu Prasetyo, told reporters on Tuesday (26/11/2013).


Previously, a few days ago, the vet came to Hamlet Balong DA Kulon, Kragilan Village, District Gantiwarno. It was to follow up on reports of local residents about the birds that died suddenly and allegedly exposed to the H5N1 virus that causes bird flu.


At that time, the vet came to the location to do the spraying. A few days later, the DA is in a condition not fit ill with bird flu-like symptoms such as high fever accompanied by shortness of breath, cough, and headache. He was treated in dr Moewardi for further examination.

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