Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Texas: MCHD On Deaths From Unidentified `Flu-like’ Illness




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For the past several hours the newshounds at FluTrackers have been following reports of four deaths in Montgomery County, Texas linked to an unidentified `flu-like’ illness.  You’ll find the thread with the early reports here. 


There are reportedly 8 people in the region who have similar symptoms, all have tested negative for influenza locally, and samples are being sent to the CDC for additional testing.  Of these eight, four have died, and two of the survivors are described as `very ill’.


You’ll find local news reports on this HERE and HERE and a video report from KHOU-TV

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This afternoon the Montgomery County Health Department (MCHD) held a press conference, and issued – via email - the following statement (h/t Sharon Sanders on FluTrackers for contacting their office.).





You may recall that last spring we saw a similar situation in Dothan, Alabama (see Dothan Respiratory Illness – No Unusual Pathogens) that was eventually explained as a a mixture of influenza A, Rhinovirus, and `normal’ bacterial pneumonia (see ADHP Press release).


We’ll obviously keep an eye on this story to see what develops.

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