Thursday, May 29, 2014

Iranian MOH Statement On Testing Of `Suspected’ MERS Cases


Screen shot from Iranian MOH Site.



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The story has been filtering out via the media for a couple of hours (see Crofsblog Iran: Six other suspected MERS cases), but exactly what the status of these additional cases really is, isn’t exactly clear. Previously we’d been told that two cases had tested positive, and four others were suspected and undergoing testing. 


This evening the Iranian MOH has issued a statement in Farsi- which doesn’t translate particularly well – that seems to indicate as many as 9 more cases are being tested. 


The headline denies these 9 cases are MERS-CoV positive, but the body of this syntax challenged machine translation suggests test results are still pending.  


Hopefully we’ll get a better read on the situation over the next day or so.


Announced the death of a patient with corona virus in Kerman / denies HIV infection 9 others

Director of Communicable Disease Control, Ministry of Health said in Kerman, who was the first person to corona virus this

Director of the Center for management of contagious diseases in the Ministry of Health said: the first person who had been infected with the virus کرونا in Kerman, this morning (Thursday) died.

Dr Mohammad Mehdi Goya in a dedicated dialogue with reporter news site and inform the Ministry of health and medical education (Web master) added nine more to determine the accuracy of کرونا virus and suspected of being definitive because of the virus on the NIT this is not definitive as soon as the diagnosis of disease and the positive results observed in patients will be notified.

Rational doctor said: as was anticipated in spite of all the efforts of the medical staff come to take patients with infections of the virus کرونا was his patient died, unfortunately, more patient. the second General had said well and was discharged from the hospital.

Doctor patient, noting that there have been very bad with the general condition of the feet to see the hospital, added: "this patient Ms 53 with high blood pressure when you visit extreme respiratory problems, Medical Center, and the patient's immune system due to having chronic diseases along with the disease, could not fight with this virus.

He went on saying it's sick as soon as they refer to the treatment center, a special section with specific conditions immediately in a negative pressure isolation room with a bed, and the last within 4 days the therapeutic team finally their efforts to save the lives of the patient take effective measures which, unfortunately, was brought in and leads to death.

Also, a symptoms of mild symptoms of the virus could be diarrhea and severe respiratory symptoms and continue to lead to hospitalization a person at the hospital that if no timely or refer to underlying illnesses, diabetes and hypertension, pulmonary heart with, could lead to the deaths of patients./208

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