Monday, June 02, 2014

An Unexpected Announcement From The Saudi MOH



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Dr. Ziad Memish – Deputy Minister of Health for Saudi Arabia – has been the very public face of the Saudi’s efforts (for better or worse) to quantify and control the MERS Coronavirus.  His name has been attached to many of the studies that have been conducted by labs around the world on this emerging coronavirus (see here, here, and here).

Despite this notoriety, he has also had to fend off growing international criticism on the slow progress being made against the spread of MERS, and very recently publicly stated he was `surprised’ at the criticisms being lodged.

Today, in the briefest of statements on the Saudi MOH website, we get word that suggests that Dr. Memish is no longer acting as the Deputy Minister of Health.  


A hat tip to @dspalten and @ilhamabuljadaye  whose twitter conversation led me to the link.  Reasons for Dr. Memish’s departure are not elucidated.


Health Minister who issues a decree absolving Dr. Ziad mimsh Undersecretary of public health Office

04 July 1435

The Minister of Health issued a designated engineer Adel bin Mohammed faqeeh said a decision to release Dr. Ziad Ben Ahmed mimsh Undersecretary of public health Office


The plot thickens.  . . .

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