Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ebola: Air France Suspends Service To Sierra Leone


Source OCHA


# 9009


Although the the World Health Organization has been urging airlines to continue to service Ebola-stricken regions, and to reassure that the risks of flying to these countries is low, this morning the French government urged all French nationals residing in Sierra Leone and Liberia to leave, and urged Air France to temporarily suspend flights to Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown (see Reuters France tells citizens, Air France to avoid Liberia, Sierra Leone over Ebola).


A short while ago The Local reported that effective tomorrow, Ebola: Air France stops flights to Sierra Leone.


Similarly, British Airways – which announced a suspension of flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone through the end of the month three weeks ago – has today announced their intention to extend that flight ban until the end of the year (see British Airways extends flight ban after Ebola outbreak).

Regardless of their rationales or motivations, the combined effects of flight cancelations, recent border closings, and travel restrictions will no doubt be to further complicate relief efforts in these hard hit regions.

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