Monday, September 15, 2014

Branswell: US & WHO Seek To Ramp Up Ebola Vaccine & Drug Production




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While there are hopes that some of the experimental drugs and vaccines under investigation for use against the Ebola virus will eventually prove both safe and effective, enormous challenges lie ahead in their manufacture and deployment to the field. 

Helen Branswell has the story this morning on efforts to jumpstart the manufacturing process in her article:



WHO, U.S. seek to increase production of Ebola drugs, vaccines

Helen Branswell, The Canadian Press
Published Monday, September 15, 2014 6:57AM EDT

TORONTO -- High level efforts are underway to find ways to substantially ramp up production of experimental Ebola vaccines and drugs, officials at the World Health Organization and within the U.S. government say.

The talks involve trying to find more production capacity for the therapeutics, which before this outbreak had never been tested in people.

On the table is a plan to try to devise a tweaked version of the antibody cocktail known as ZMapp, so that the drug -- currently produced in tobacco plants -- could be made in other production systems for which global capacity is greater.

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