Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PBS Frontline: The Ebola Outbreak



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For those who may have missed the live broadcast last night on PBS’s Frontline, they’ve posted the 30 minute documentary showing conditions in an MSF Ebola hospital in Sierra Leone, and the almost impossible job of contract tracing, on their website

I watched it this morning, and it is a graphic, and somber depiction of the Ebola Outbreak it was in July.  As bad as the conditions shown were, it is far worse today.


This show is also available on Apple TV, through PBS apps, and on iTunes.



Ebola Outbreak

Aired: 09/09/2014

  • 27:26
  • Rating: NR

FRONTLINE travels to the epicenter of the Ebola crisis to find out how and why the outbreak has spiraled out of control -- and to track the fight to contain the virus's deadly spread.

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