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The Lancet: Series On Emerging Respiratory Tract Infections


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This is mostly a head’s up, since I’ve not had time to read any of these papers. But as they appear to be both interesting and on point for this blog, so I decided to point my readers in their direction.


Among the authors you’ll find such familiar names as  Ziad Memish, Christian Drosten, Alimuddin Zumla, and Jaffar Al-Tawfiq.

This series is provided for free by The lancet, although (free) registration is required for full access.


Emerging respiratory tract infections

Published September 2, 2014

Executive summary

Emerging and re-emerging respiratory tract infections and the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance challenge diagnostic, treatment, prevention, and control strategies. Respiratory tract infections with epidemic and pandemic potential have plagued people since the dawn of human history. Comprehensive assessments of the global burden of disease show that respiratory tract infections are some of the commonest causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, imposing a huge burden on health services. Several epidemics of new viral respiratory tract infections, most of which emerged from interactions between people and animals, have occurred in the past century.

The Lancet Infectious Diseases Series on emerging respiratory tract infections contains five state-of-the-art papers developed and written by international groups of experts with experience in management of emerging respiratory tract infections. The Series covers the topics of surveillance, pandemic potential, transmission and the environment, diagnosis, and treatment. The focus is on the emerging viral pathogens (particularly influenza, adenovirus, and coronaviruses) that pose the greatest threat, although bacterial, mycobacterial, and fungal pathogens are included where appropriate


Emerging respiratory tract infections

Zumla and others

Full Text | PDF


Surveillance for emerging respiratory viruses

J A Al-Tawfiq and others


Full Text | PDF

Emerging infectious diseases and pandemic potential: status quo and reducing risk of global spread

B McCloskey and others

Full Text | PDF

Emerging viral respiratory tract infections—environmental risk factors and transmission

P Gautret and others

Full Text | PDF

Rapid point of care diagnostic tests for viral and bacterial respiratory tract infections—needs, advances, and future prospects

A Zumla and others

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Emerging novel and antimicrobial-resistant respiratory tract infections: new drug development and therapeutic options

A Zumla and others

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