Friday, November 21, 2014

Netherlands: 2nd Farm At Kamperveen Showing Signs Of Bird Flu




Note:  A re-reading of the translation leads me to believe there may be three farms total in the Kamperveen area, not 2, that are suspected of being infected.  If so, that would make 5 farms in the Netherlands, not 4. Hopefully we’ll get a definitive answer in the coming hours. - MPC



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A few hours ago it was announced that a third farm in the Netherlands had tested positive for H5 avian influenza – this time in a small town in the North West of Overijssel province ( see Netherlands: Third Farm Affected By Bird Flu – Ter Aar Confirmed H5N8).  We are still awaiting word on the exact strain, although H5N8 seems highly likely.

Now it appears that a second farm, in close proximity of this infected poultry operation is showing signs of infection as well, and culling has been ordered.  


If confirmed, that would bring to 4 the number of farms affected in the Netherlands, and 6 farms across Europe over the past two weeks.


This from the Netherland’s Government website.



Bird flu on 2 companies in Kamperveen

News | 21-11-2014

In the area with a radius of 1 km around the infected holding in Kamperveen the NVWA at a poultry farm clinical signs found matching bird flu. The type of bird flu has not yet been known.

For that reason it was decided to eliminate the companies in the 1km zone precaution. These are two poultry farms. The culling takes place this afternoon.

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