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Netherlands: Third Farm Affected By Bird Flu – Ter Aar Confirmed H5N8


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Third Farm located in Overijssel 

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From the central government site for the Netherlands ( we get confirmation that the second poultry farm affected by bird flu (in Ter Aar) has been confirmed due to the H5N8 virus, and that a third farm – roughly 90km away from the first two – has tested positive for an H5 avian flu virus.


Kamperveen is a small town about 5 miles south of Kampen, a city of about 35,000 in North West of Overijssel.


If confirmed as H5N8 (a high probability), this would make the 5th recent outbreak in Europe (1 each in UK & Germany, 3 in the Netherlands) of this recently emerged avian flu virus.  For more on this virus see (ECDC Updated Rapid Risk Assessment On H5N8 & H5N8: A Case Of Deja Flu?).



Bird flu in Kamperveen

News | 21-11-2014

In Kamperveen (Overijssel) is a poultry farm with fixed total of around 10,000 animals bird flu (avian influenza, AI). The infected farm is cleared as soon as possible. This is based on European rules. The depopulation is by the Dutch Food and Consumer Authority (NVWA).

It is with this infection to an H5 strain of bird flu. It is not yet clear whether it is a low pathogenic or a highly pathogenic variant. Further analysis by the CVI must determine this. It is expected that the results of this analysis are available today. This writes Dijksma Minister of Economic Affairs in a letter to the Lower House.

A 10 km zone established around the company Kamperveen. Within this area are 34 other poultry farms. These companies are sampled and tested for bird flu.

Variant bird flu in Ter Aar determined

Researchers have now found that as the bird flu at the farm in Ter Aar, the highly pathogenic H5N8. This variant was also found on the company Hekendorp. The cull is expected to be completed today. There are no businesses in the 10 km radius circle around Ter Aar found with bird flu.

Health risks for poultry serious, people limited

The highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza is very contagious among poultry. This version is for chickens fatal. Avian flu is a zoonosis, which means that contamination of the animal can be transmitted to humans. Protective measures for that reason made for people who can come into direct and close contact with infected poultry. If people become infected, they generally experience mild flu symptoms.

The measures proclaimed on November 20, 2014 remain intact.

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