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CIDRAP Commentary: Sandman & Lanard On Ebola Crisis Communications Lessons



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When it comes to clear-eyed, coherent risk communications, Dr. Peter Sandman & Dr. Jody Lanard are about as good as it gets – which is why their services have been used by corporations, organizations, and agencies around the globe – often in the midst of a crisis.

I’ve quite happily featured their writings several times since the Ebola crisis began, including:

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NPR: Jody Lanard On Addressing Ebola Fears

Sandman & Lanard: Ebola Risk Communications


Today they’ve written a long, and valuable commentary for CIDRAP on the communications lessons (hopefully) learned from America’s brush with Ebola this fall – and lessons that could be applied the next time a `scary’ public health event takes place. 


Without further ado, I invite you to follow the link below to read:


COMMENTARY: When the next shoe drops — Ebola crisis communication lessons from October

Peter M. Sandman, PhD, and Jody Lanard, MD

Dec 09, 2014

Lessons learned this fall: (1) don't over-reassure, (2) acknowledge uncertainty, (3) don't overemphasize panic, and (4) don't ridicule overreactions.

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For further reading, the Peter Sandman Risk Communications website is an invaluable repository of risk management advice, that quite frankly, should be second home for anyone involved in public relations or risk communications.

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