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Egyptian Media: 17th H5N1 Case Of Year – Sohag



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Although I find no notice on the Ministry of Health website, multiple news sources are reporting the 17th H5N1 case of the year in Egypt – that of a 3 year old child in Sohag.   This is the 13th H5N1 infection reported out of Egypt in less than a month.


Yesterday, in Egyptian Media: 16th H5N1 Case Of Year, we saw another toddler infected from Sohag Governorate, along with an outline of the Egyptian MOH’s response to this ongoing outbreak.


Two translated reports:


Health declares bird flu toll rises to 17 .. and warns people Health declares bird flu toll rises to 17 .. and warns people

Saturday, December 13, 2014 17:57 Announced the Ministry of Health, in a press statement on Saturday, the high numbers of infection with bird flu, during the current year, to 17 cases, seven cases where she received treatment, and the two remain under treatment, while eight cases died.

Child Health announces the "avian flu" in Sohag

Sat 13/Dec/2014-02: 23 pm

Print Ministry of health and population and Ministry of health and population of spellbinding khedive

The Ministry of health and population, on Saturday, wounding a new case of bird flu, and is for children aged 3 years of Sohag province, Department of "Dar es Salaam, where he developed symptoms on 8/12/2014, has already been subjected to dead birds in the House and is under treatment at the Hospital of Sohag after viruses 9/12/2014 and stable condition.

Bringing the total number of bird flu by 2014 so far 17 "7 cases of healing, 2 case under treatment, 8 cases of death."

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