Monday, December 01, 2014

Hong Kong: Dr. Ko Wing-man On H7N9



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With the arrival of cooler weather – which favors the transmission of avian flu - and the recent announcements of several H7N9 cases on the mainland, Hong Kong’s SFH (Secretary of Food & Health) Dr. Ko Wing-man issued a statement today warning that Hong Kong is not immune to seeing more cases this winter.


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Ensure H7N9 not spread in the community

December 01, 2014

Secretary for food and health, Dr Ko Wing-man said, as the temperature decreased, the avian flu virus is more active, it is expected that sporadic cases will continue to occur in the South of the Mainland, or another incoming H7N9 cases in Hong Kong. Authorities will continue to closely monitor the locally bred chicken and live poultry supplied to Hong Kong from the Mainland to ensure that viruses do not spread in the community.

Dr Ko Wing-man told the media that today, following the Mainland notification received the day before, Dongguan confirmed after the winter first H7N9 case, today's media have reported new cases in Zhejiang, proved as temperatures drop, the virus is more active, and moved south.

Dr Ko Wing-man said the habits of Hong Kong people still have to live poultry markets, it cannot be ruled out any incoming H7N9 cases but H7N9 not from person to person, so even if the case of the passed, as long as you provide the appropriate treatment, should not spread in the community.

Referring to Admiralty conflict, he said, the Hospital Authority has a contingency mechanism, with relevant government departments, large clashes that led to dozens of serious injuries; he also said that impact of violence against some of the demonstrators were disappointed and regret, more worried about the escalation of violence, causing a number of casualties.

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