Sunday, December 28, 2014

Libyan MOH: Statement On Severe Pneumonia Cases




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Yesterday numerous media outlets reported 4 H5N1 Deaths In Libya, although no official statement was posted on the Libyan Ministry Of Health Website.  While the MOH site remains silent, today Sharon Sanders of FluTrackers has dug up a (machine translated) statement from the Libyan MOH Facebook page.

As you will see, it doesn’t exactly clear up matters. At least one case is identified as having H1N1, others having `influenza A’, and still others were apparently not tested.  


Regardless of yesterday’s reportage, whether any of this really adds up to H5N1 is anyone’s guess at this point.  Given the political turmoil and fighting in the region, getting reliable information anytime soon may prove difficult, but we’ll keep an eye on it.



The Committee held the substantive follow-up to the pandemic by the National Centre for disease control convened an emergency meeting at the headquarters of the Centre on Sunday 28/12/2014, during which the current situation regarding the occurrence of pneumonia where the record number (10) cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome have the same common symptoms are cough-heat-phlegm with blood-acute respiratory failure "died from 5 cases were as follows :-

The Tripoli medical center ((two two pregnant women in their thirties one of them proved fatal case of H1N1 and they be still underneath the intensive care ventilator-the third case of a young man in the 1940s is still in intensive care waiting for lab results. the fourth case of a young man in his 30s died of the lab results confirmed as having avian influenza type a-A fifth case of a young man in the 1930s remained hospitalized in intensive care, pending the outcome of the alhalil-the sixth case of a pregnant woman with the same symptoms converted from Center The Tripoli medical companies and hospitals died in hospital))

Tobruk (cases (4 cases reported the same symptoms died, including three patients, two brothers aged 28 and 40-year-old died and not taken them sample-the second chip died in Egypt is sufficient information about the patient as the fourth case is still under the care of laboratory technician

Through these cases, the Committee stresses that the current situation does not constitute transboundary epidemic with wide-ranging as current data and communicate with hospitals to prepare for any emergency.


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