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Miyazaki, Japan: Another Farm With Suspected Bird Flu


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On December 16th we saw a report of a small farm infected with the H5N8 virus (see Japan: Preliminary Positive Test For H5 Bird Flu In Miyazaki) which last Friday was announced by NARO: Miyazaki H5N8 Outbreak A Different Sub Clade than previous Japanese outbreaks.

Now another, larger, poultry farm in the same prefecture has tested positive in a preliminary test, although additional testing will be needed to confirm the subtype (and ultimate, the sub clade).


This report from NHK.


Suspicion of poultry farms avian influenza in Miyazaki

December 28 21:22

The 28th in the poultry farm in Miyazaki, and found the dead one after another chicken, a result of the simple test, positive reaction of the bird flu virus was out of this Five birds.

Miyazaki Prefecture as well as perform a detailed inspection, to such as poultry farms located within 10 km radius of this farm, was asked to refrain from moving, such as chicken and eggs.

The 28th morning, there is a report from the poultry farm in Miyazaki Takaoka-cho, that "the number of die chicken is increasing", where Miyazaki Prefecture were examined, of approximately 42 000 birds that have been raised in this poultry farm of chicken The out 30 birds is dead I was confirmed.

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