Monday, December 29, 2014

WHO: Ebola Cases Top 20,000 In West Africa


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It is, admittedly, an arbitrary and artificial milestone, and would likely have been surpassed some time ago if all of the Ebola cases in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia could have been counted, but today for the first time the World Health Organization is reporting the case count has exceeded 20,000 individuals.

While a far cry from some of the stratospheric Ebola estimates produced a few short months ago (see MMWR: Estimating The Future Number of Cases In The Ebola Epidemic), this is nonetheless a tragic number, and is likely a significant undercount of the reality in the region.


Although I cover Ebola in this blog from time to time, for the best daily readout of the events in West Africa I would whole heartily recommend the coverage by Crof on Crofsblog.

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