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Zhejiang Province: 1 H7N9 Case Reported


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The H7N9 virus - which emerged in Eastern China less than two years ago - has displayed a distinctly seasonal pattern, with case reports almost non-existent during the summer months, followed by a trickle of cases throughout the fall, and then a major rush in cases starting in January and peaking in late winter or early spring (see CHP CDW Chart below).


The level of activity over the past couple of months has been on par with what was seen during the lead up to last year’s wave, and so expectations are we will see a similar outbreak in the coming months. Unlike last year, there are at least three new avian flu viruses in the mix; H5N6, H10N8, and H5N8 (thus far, with no history of infecting humans).


Today, Zhejiang Province – which has reported the most cases to date  (n=142)  - is reporting a new H7N9 case, and that 17 close contacts of that case are under medical surveillance.



Zhejiang Yongkang confirmed case H7N9 17 workers exposed to patients with no suspicious symptoms

At 13:12 on December 27 2014
China News Network

CNS, Jinhua, December 27 (reporters and Xi Jinyan)-27th reporter was informed last night, Yongkang city, Zhejiang Province, said Government news official micro-blog, the city's 157 years old male patient with diagnosed H7N9 strain of influenza, has been treated in isolation, instead of 17 participants have been in close contact were under medical observation, there are no developed suspicious symptoms.

, Jinhua city, according to the Centers for disease control and informed the Yongkang H7N9 influenza virus in patients with confirmed cases of infection. With Lin, male, 57 years old, shizhu town, when the 25th was treated in a hospital in Jinhua listed as suspected H7N9 cases, confirmed on 26th, has been treated in isolation in Jinhua. With 17 participants have been in close contact were under medical observation, all close contacts did not appear suspicious symptoms.

After receiving the report, immediately launched an emergency plan on the ground, Yongkang has brought on market regulation, agriculture, health, public order, administrative law-enforcement departments and town street meeting deployment of prevention and control measures. At present, various preventive and control measures have been effectively implemented.

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