Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bulgaria: Additional H5N1 Outbreak Reported


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Earlier this week we saw media reports, and then an OIE Notification Of H5N1 In Bulgaria, when a dead pelican near the Poda Protected Area located south of the port city of Bourgas on the Black Sea tested positive for avian flu. This was the first detection of the virus in Bulgaria since 2010.

Today there are media reports of a small outbreak in the nearby village of Konstantinovo.



Secondary outbreak of bird flu discovered in Bulgaria’s Konstantinovo

31 January 2015 | 16:36 | FOCUS News Agency


Burgas. A secondary outbreak of bird flu was discovered in the village of Konstantinovo, coastal Kameno Municipality, Dr Georgi Mitev, head of the district directorate of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, told Radio FOCUS – Burgas.

The case concerns hens in the yard of the village and tests have been run to confirm it but will be officially announced on Monday.

The village borders Lake Mandra, where there are many wild and migratory birds.

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