Monday, March 30, 2015

Saudi MOH: 2 New MERS Cases & Weekly MERS Statement



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A subtle change (again) to the daily reporting comes with the combining of suspected or confirmed contacts in both  the community and healthcare setting.  Two weeks ago, suspected nosocomial contacts were abruptly dropped from the chart without explanation, but are now apparently lumped in with community exposures.  


While the daily case graphic promises that `More information on the exposure history will be posted on the Weekly update’,. there is actually very little case-specific information to be gleaned from the following (translated,and syntax challenged) report except . . . all appear to be ex-pats.


How and why they came to be infected isn’t really addressed, although 2 cases appear to be household contacts.  We will hopefully get more information in the next WHO report.


Health weekly statement issued and recorded 8 cases last week

10 April 1436

A continuation of the Ministry of health to inform everyone on the developments of the Middle East respiratory syndrome Corona

The Department of Health announces that from 2 to 8 Rajab 1436 e was recording 8 confirmed cases infected with coronavirus, aged 20-65 years, including three in Riyadh and one in both Jeddah and Makkah, Najran and Taif and the northern border and the nationality as follows (EUR 3, Yemeni1, Filipino 1, Pakistan 1, 1 Sudanese, Bangladeshis 1) including 7 male and 1 female.

The Ministry has shown that the registry as established healthcare facilities were observed for 4 cases, while the last four spotted in private enterprises.

The Ministry confirmed that the recording of cases of infection were in Makkah, Najran and Jeddah and Arar tayv of society while recording the number 2 if contacts home and number 1 one case under investigation.

The rapid response teams to combat infection health facilities had about 16 field trip between visits and visits to append last week

As preventive medicine teams visit the 9 homes and been limited to 102 contacts are being followed home until the incubation period for the virus.

The Ministry said that the number of communications that are initiated from the Agriculture Ministry teams (including follow-up to previous cases had direct contact with camel 2 communications in both Mecca and tayv).

The Ministry stressed that the command center which continues its efforts around the clock through the epidemiological surveillance and ensure the commitment of all Government and private health facilities to implement infection control measures and coordination with concerned government sectors and international health organizations, including the World Health Organization and expertise to follow all committed for the coronavirus.

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