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FluTrackers: Zhejiang Province Reports 10 H7N9 Cases In March


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With the exception of a couple of cases reported out of Shanghai over the past week, we’ve heard almost nothing out of China regarding H7N9 cases since early March (see H7N9: No News Is . . . . Curious).  Compared to the first two waves, reporting this year has been more sporadic and less detailed, and so the hope has been that some end of month `bulk announcements’ might be forthcoming.


Today Sharon Sanders of FluTrackers has picked up just such a report, this time from the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, that has buried deep inside a (Chinese language) spreadsheet; notification that Zhejiang Province detected 10 H7N9 cases during the Month of March.


Since Sharon has done the detective work here, I’ll link you to her post on FluTrackers.


China - 10 H7N9 cases including 10 deaths reported by Zhejiang province for March 2015 - 8 new cases not previously known - April 8, 2015


Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission announced in March 2015 the province's legal infectious diseases

Release Date: 2015-04-08
Source: Ministry of Health and Family Planning Disease Control Department

March 2015 (at 0:00 on March 1, 2015 to March 31 24), the province reported a total of 20,029 cases of notifiable infectious diseases, the death of 43 people. Among them, the Group reported no cases of infectious diseases. B infectious diseases, in addition to SARS, polio, highly pathogenic avian influenza, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, anthrax, diphtheria, leptospirosis, schistosomiasis incidence and deaths foreign reports, the remaining 17 kinds of infectious disease cases were reported in 10,210 cases, 43 deaths; reported incidence of the top five diseases were: tuberculosis, syphilis, viral hepatitis, gonorrhea, measles, accounting for reported cases of class B infectious diseases 94.1% of the total.

The same period, the province's Class C infectious diseases were reported in 9819 cases and no deaths reported. The top three reported cases of diseases were other infectious diarrhea, hand-foot-mouth disease and influenza accounted for 93.9% of the total reported cases of class C infectious diseases.
March 2015 in Zhejiang Province of notifiable infectious disease, mortality tables

Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission
April 7, 2015

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Interestingly, although included in the spreadsheet, there is no specific mention of H7N9 in the summary report. Kudos to Sharon for drilling down deep into the data to uncover this information.


Since we’ve seen nothing reported out of Guangdong Province – this year’s hotspot for H7N9 -  since March 7th, it will be interesting to see what ends up posted in their End of Month Epidemiological report as well.  Their reports tend to come out around the middle of the month.

Stay tuned.

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